the Neverending eXperience


Ognissanti presents
A story to be lived
with open eyes
A story to be lived
with open eyes
Ognissanti vista dal porto di Trani



Its walls are carved into a noble palace of the late '700, but as soon as you pass the door you will feel in a building suspended between the past and the present. You will see the beauty entering through the windows and walls sparkle with light, with the colors of the faces painted by Apulian artists.
contemporarY past



Under the light of the stars the Ognissanti Palace blends with elegance, in perfect symmetry, with the splendor of Ognissanti Church. As soon as we look at it, something in our soul vibrates like a musical note. It’s time to discover our suites, as in a musical sequence.
The orchestra



The typical colors of each room look like bouquets of flowers. In this atmosphere you will be welcomed by the scents that we have prepared to feel the best. Just like in a theater dressing room before you start stepping on the stage and enter the scene.
in the Moonlight



A small terrace to enjoy the charm of the evening or the clear blue of the morning, enriched with sofa, loveseats, and parasol. The light gently enters the room to tell you about the decor: There are painted cement tiles, hand-painted walls, and paintings full of life. Being in this room is a real joy for the eyes.
suite With private terrace



Everything in this room is filled with colors and beautiful sensations, sweet music like a voice in love and the beauty of the port that imbues the interior decor. You will find the headboard of the bed painted by hand, with depictions that recall the rosettes of Apulian cathedrals, very white walls and a floor decorated with floral designs, in azulejos style.
executive sea View



In this room the morning air has the fragrance of the scents we left in the room. Just pull the curtains a bit out of the window and the lights gently floods the room, drawing its contours. On the desk there is our welcome, while our giant bed will accompany you to the most heavenly dreams.



The awakening. You have stayed in our palace and here come to the surface the memories of an extraordinary experience. We tell you a secret: Most of our clients never come back. Because most of them when they return to this enchanted palace live a new experience: always unique, always different from the previous ones.

a Neverending eXperience

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