An untamable wave of flavors:
arriving at the table

Between the fishing nets and the harvest of the field

On the ground floor, in the courtyard under the pine tree, an untamable wave of flavors reaches you, enriched by selected wines and refined drinks. The customers’ voices are like a cool summer breeze from the moored boats, the clinking of glasses and cutlery recalls the sound of ropes, sails and bollards shaken by the wind.

The restaurant's cuisine continually evokes the flavor of the sea. Great attention to ingredients is essential for us, we use products of our countryside that grows following the rhythm of the seasons. A cuisine connecting the sea and the land, the fishing and the harvest.

The catch and the tradition
in POP key
tra le reti da pesca

the cuisine of Ognissanti

e il raccolto del campo

From Sunset
to sunrise

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