Don't forget
to look up

You can touch the branches of our
century-old pine tree with your own hands

At the end of your journey at Ognissanti we want to take you admiring Trani from above.

A fascinating terrace, surrounded by the sacredness of Trani Cathedral, the Scolanova Jewish Synagogue and Ognissanti Church. We are surrounded by the stone of Trani, many historical places and the arches and the bell tower of the Roman-style Cathedral of the city.
From 6 PM onwards, when beautiful days are born, we will take care of your happy moments which you can celebrate with aperitifs, seafood, bubbles and refined drinks..

On the rooftop you can enjoy an oyster bar and light kitchen.
In a panorama dotted with sails and fishing boats, between the sea and the sky, the pine tree at the top concludes this journey. Everything stops for a moment; everything feels so close that you can touch it.

From Sunset
to sunrise

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