The place of calm: an in-depth journey

Where worries leave you

On the second floor of the building, let's enter the Spa,. The Ognissanti wellness center is a place of calm and quiet, composed of two areas: on the west side the wet area, on the east side the relaxation area.

To the west, different experiences: salt room, showers with chromotherapy, steam room, sauna and swimming pool. Walking through the corridors and between the areas, you will see from the balconies the slow flow of people and boats in the port, turning relaxation into an atmospheric experience.

To the east, the beauty farm: dressing rooms, showers, waterbeds evoking the sea and relaxation areas where you can indulge in herbal tea. Special treatments complete the psychophysical well-being of our journey.

From the windows on the side, you can glimpse the branches of the pine tree which never leave will never leave you on our journey in Ognissanti.

The entire first floor is enveloped in the scents of the tree, of the salt room and the sea breeze.

The beauty of the environments, the staff’s talent and the quality of the amenities will turn the spa in the place where we will be able to regenerate you.

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